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I dreamed we’d seen the earth before,
It was green, and it pleased us all,
But you don’t really care for humans, do ya?
It goes like this, you drill and dig
You frack the rock and you crash your rig
The tar sands are a poison, Hallelujah

The Delta is a darkened place
A blackened soil you won’t replace
Still you lie but still we see right through ya
The river burns, no tree is spared
The oil it flows and the gas it flares
The pipeline’s oil and broken, Hallelujah

You’ve broken the ice and snow
To a land we hoped you’d never go
It’s time to stop the madness now, but do ya?
You saw the graphs some years before
Now some say 6 degrees or more
The Arctic should stay frozen, Hallelujah

So we went down to the concert hall
With the name of Shell upon the wall
But art and oil don’t mix we can assure ya
It goes like this, a song, a plea
Til our concert halls are fossil free
Our voices will be singing Hallelujah!

Art not in your name

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