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A Revolution in Four Part Harmony

This Sunday at Passing Clouds:

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Anti-fracking flashmob sends message to Yoko Ono at Southbank Centre

Singing campaigners call on curator of Meltdown festival to speak out about Shell’s Southbank sponsorship

On the afternoon of Sunday 9th June, a flashmob of over 30 singers gathered in the foyer of the Queen Elizabeth Hall as audience members arrived for the Shell-sponsored performance by Spira Mirabilis of Richard Strauss’s Metamorphosen. The singers launched into a version of Leonard Cohen’s classic song, Hallelujah, with rewritten lyrics drawing attention to Shell’s controversial human rights and environmental record. They unfurled a banner with Yoko Ono’s quotation ‘Art is a means for survival’ and handed out flyers to audience members. They gave a number of repeat performances around the Southbank which drew applause and support. Continue reading